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Musicians You Should Know: Kicking Sunrise

Published: April 17, 2015

Kicking Sunrise

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to combine pop, R&B, hip-hop, hardcore, classic rock, blues and jazz music to make one sound?

Well, Kicking Sunrise has thought about it, and they are excited for you to listen to what they found out.

The group just released their new single, “Here’s to the Sunrise,” and you can check it out here, or you can check out this video from the band below:

So, let’s get to know Kicking Sunrise:

How did the four of you meet, and how did the band start?

“Joe (vocals) and Mark (drums) grew up together and started music at a young age. Ryan (vocals/bass) and Matt (guitar) also grew up together and made and played music at a young age. Joe and Mark had just lost a guitarist in their previous band and were searching for one. They then met Matt at a mutual friends house. They heard him play, brought him into the band, and then met Ryan through Matt. Having two sets of best friends in the band, Kicking Sunrise became a band of brothers.”

How did you come up with the name Kicking Sunrise?

“Matt’s brother Luke threw the name Kicking Sunrise at us and we all agreed that it was a fun name and fit our style very well. Kicking Sunrise meaning we don’t want the night to end.”

What was the music scene like in and around Sewell, New Jersey?

“The music scene in Sewell, New Jersey is pretty good, for us at least. We love playing shows around this area because we have so many fans and supporters and our shows are always a great time”

What is your relationship with Right Coast Music?

“We played a block party for Right Coast Music. After they heard us play, RCM wanted to sign us and take our band to the next level.”

What were the four of you doing before signing with Right Coast Music?

“Before Right Coast signed us, we were practicing in the basement and playing several shows a month. Promoting ourselves, as we should.”

What have you been doing in Southern California for the last year?

“We have been in Southern California for the past year writing and recording our new full length album of fun, feel good pop/hip-hop songs. Which will be available on iTunes June 2, 2015.”

What sets Kicking Sunrise apart from other groups. What makes you guys special?

“All the members of KS come from various musical backgrounds. Joe coming from pop, alternative and rock. Ryan coming from hip-hop and RnB. Mark coming from hardcore, indie and rock. Matt coming from classic rock, blues, jazz, and pretty much everything else. Kicking Sunrise has such a unique sound that is new to everyone with all the boys influences infused.”

What is Kicking Sunrise doing today that it was not doing in January 2013 when you posted your first YouTube video?

“Kicking Sunrise is doing it all today! Playing tons of summer shows on the east coast, and having a full album being released on iTunes and all other music sites. KS is achieving all of their goals step by step.”

What is the story behind “Here’s to the Sunrise”?

“We wanted to create the perfect feel good fun summer jam! We visited California for a week in March 2014 to audition for Right Coast. During that time we wanted to show RCM and prove that we have what it takes. We wrote “Here’s to the Sunrise” and we all new it was a hit with pop feel good and hip-hop vocals, upbeat fun guitar riffs, and a killer drum groove. We loved it and exactly a year later it was recorded and released on iTunes.”

What can we expect to hear on your new album?

“You can expect a lot of diversity (in a good way). The new album has a lot of different sounds and songs but all have a core sound, where you know it’s Kicking Sunrise.”

Any secrets about the album you want to share?

“You’ll just have to wait and see about that.”

Why should people start listening to Kicking Sunrise?

“People should start listening to KS because it’s a new sound that everybody wants to hear. It’s not the same thing, which applies to a lot of music nowadays. We wanted to do something different that appeals to everyone. There’s a song for every crowd on this album, and it’s just good music to say the least.”

When we talk again in a year, what will be different about Kicking Sunrise?

“All we know for sure is that we will definitely grow as musicians and continue to grow. We all have our minds set on this and making ourselves known to the world.”

To stay up to date on all things Kicking Sunrise, check out their website

You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @KickingSunrise

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