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Week 5: Top 5 Tight Ends

Published: October 06, 2016

How did our Week 4 picks perform?

1. Zach Miller: 9 points

2. Greg Olsen: 15 points

3. Jason Witten: 4 points

4. Coby Fleener: 1 point

5. Travis Kelce: 8 points

How is a Tight End like a Putter?

The saying in golf is, “drive for show, and putt for the money.” Many people don’t know this, but this saying applies to football too. A team can have a great drive and make it to the red zone—their “green.”

When a football teams line up on 3rd and goal, they are going to target their “putter.”

Teams target their tight ends in these situations because they create mismatches, and Tight Ends will “putt for the money,” convert and get the touchdown for their team.

Picks for Week 5:

1. Jordan Reed

2. Greg Olsen

3. Kyle Rudolph

4. Jimmy Graham

5. Rob Gronkowski

Top 5 Week 5 Tight Ends

Be sure to come back next Thursday to see who the Top 5 Week 6 Tight Ends will be. Additionally, be sure to check out our running back, quarterbacks and wide receivers rankings during the week.

This ranking was contributed by Sam Rupp. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @sam_rupp1