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Week 10: Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Published: November 07, 2016

When it comes to Fantasy Football, a great quarterback can cover up a lot of flaws. A high-scoring QB can carry you all the way to a championship. In Week 9, our projections did well (some more than others).

Cam Newton: 14 points

Matt Ryan: 27 points

Dak Prescott: 23 points

Drew Brees: 24 points

Andrew Luck: 12 points

In Week 10, several quarterbacks will be returning from a bye, and others have weak matchups. So, who are our top 5 quarterbacks this week?

Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco is a good quarterback, and thanks to receivers like Mike Wallace, he is putting up some big Fantasy numbers. In Week 10, Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens face off against the winless Cleveland Browns, which means lots of points on Thursday Night Football.

Matt Ryan

There are only a few teams that can slow down the Atlanta Falcons high-powered offense, and the Philadelphia Eagles are not one of them. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are in for a big week.

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston and Mike Evans are a deadly combo. If Evans can play in Week 10, he and Winston will have a tremendous outing against the Chicago Bears.

Tom Brady

Since returning from suspension, Tom Brady has essentially been perfect. In Week 10, Brady faces his toughest test yet, the Seattle Seahawks defense. Well, Brady’s quest to prove the NFL wrong will not be stopped by the Seahawks.

Carson Palmer

I picked the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl, but so far they have not played like contenders. In Week 10, they face off against the San Francisco 49ers, and that looks like an easy win for the Cardinals and a big game waiting to happen for Carson Palmer.

Top 5 Quarterbacks Week 10

Be sure to come back next Monday to see who the Top 5 Week 11 Quarterbacks will be. Additionally, be sure to check out our running back, wide receiver and tight end rankings during the week.