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Week 10: Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends

Published: November 10, 2016

Week 9 was a great example of how a tight end can come out of nowhere and put up good numbers. Before Thursday, we tweeted about Austin Hooper—a relatively unknown TE—and said he was a great play.


In the fourth quarter, Hooper scored a touchdown and capped off his 10-point night.

In Week 10, who will be the top five tight ends?

  1. Rob Gronkowski vs. Seattle Seahawks

2. Jason Witten vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Kyle Rudolph vs. Washington Redskins

4. Tyler Eifert vs. New York Giants

5. Zach Miller vs. Tampa Bay Buccanneers

Top 5 Week 10 Tight Ends

Be sure to come back next Thursday to see who the Top 5 Week 11 Tight Ends will be. Additionally, be sure to check out our running back, quarterbacks and wide receivers rankings during the week.