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Five Fashion Disasters Every Man Can Avoid Today

Published: December 06, 2016

When it comes to fashion, we menfolk are a distant second place to the fairer sex, but that’s still no excuse to be seen wearing white socks with your black suit. But aside from the obvious what are the most common mistakes we are making without realizing?

1. Wearing shirts that don’t fit

Whether you’re shopping for a new suit or a plain white t-shirt, your main objective should be to find clothes that fit right. There’s nothing that looks worse than a grown man wearing any oversized garment of clothing. I’m sorry, but this is a cold hard fact. No matter how much you treasure your Wu Tang Clan shirt that drops to your knees, if you want to look remotely fashionable, you’ve got to bin it or leave it in the wardrobe with that hockey shirt you bought in the States.

A good general rule of thumb to go by is that if the shoulders fit the rest will follow. Make sure the seam of your shirt or t-shirt sits plumb on the edge of your shoulder. This should bring you pretty close to an overall perfect fit.

2. Wearing a matching pocket square and tie

It’s almost a given that at least once a year, be it Christmas or your birthday, your dear old mum will drop a ‘lovely’ pocket square and tie combo into your lap. Now we all love our mothers dearly but pocket squares and ties are not curtains and rugs so don’t match them. Your clothes say a lot about you and going all matchy-matchy with the accessories tells the world that you’re taking fashion advice from mum.
The best way to go about pairing ties and pocket squares is to match one element of each. So if you have a blue tie, then a white pocket square with blue checks is perfect.

3. Wearing socks with sandals

If you do this then for the love of all that is fashionable, stop. If you really need to wear socks because there’s a chill in the air then why not go all out and put on a pair of shoes too. A bit of a maverick move but it has worked for others in the past.

Sandals are seasonal footwear and should remain so. The beach, barbecues, and the pool are the domains of the sandal, and none of these places require socks. Consider this a warning.

4. Never wear novelty items—unless you are going to a themed party

Good for a laugh? Yes. Good for your look? A definite no. We receive novelty items in jest so don’t mistake them for actual items of clothing. Ties and socks are the main culprits and should be avoided like the proverbial plague unless you’re heading for a themed party night or a fancy dress.

These funny accessories not only lower your sartorial street cred, but they can also influence others’ opinion of you. Do you really want the boss to think you’re the office joker when there’s a promotion up for grabs?

5. Wearing oversized cargo shorts with giant pockets

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that these multi-pocketed shorts were all the rage but these days they’re a fashion no-no. Unless you’re a teenage skateboarder, or you have a job where you actually need shorts with twelve pockets, you can ditch the old cargo shorts and grab something altogether more stylish.

You can forget the jean shorts too as chino shorts are where it’s at this year. And as for pockets, two or possibly even three should more than enough for any man.

Bottom Line:

We all make mistakes from time to time, but learning from them is what’s most important. If you are committing any of the mortal sins of fashion above then take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you really that guy? We certainly hope not.

Jatin Vengurlekar

About The Author

Jatin Vengurlekar is the CEO of Montagio Mens Suits Sydney and a leading men’s fashion consultant in Sydney, Australia. He has been featured on publications such as HuffingtonPost, GQ, Men’s Fitness and many other leading publications. In his spare time, he likes to write men’s fashion advice on his men’s style blog and take his dog for walks on the beach.