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Five fashion-forward tips for athletic men

Published: July 11, 2017

Dress well and stylize your attire as your six pack abs is not the first thing that people see. Regardless of your age, profession and lifestyle, fashion and personal style have become a deciding factor for men everywhere. Having a muscular physique and a sporty attitude is not an excuse for dressing shabbily. The sagging jeans and the oversized t-shirts have been a style quotient of athletic guys for a very long time. However, the trend is changing, and even sports people must revamp their style.

Listed below are some fashion-forward tips for athletic men:

Explore your style quotient

Who is your sports fashion icon? David Beckham, Lionel Messi or is it you? The best way to stay ahead in terms of fashion is to find your own style quotient instead of following the herd. The fashion secret of the fashionistas in this field is the fact that they are trailblazers. They have explored their own style statement instead of relentlessly following others.

Wear things that you can carry with confidence, and your attire will scream for attention effortlessly. Why go for the baggy tees of Usain Bolt when you can turn heads with a sleek shirt. Let your style be unique and yet identifiable for others.

Nail the layers

This was quoted by Jane Lynch, but it kind of applies to every man around. Layering your outfit is a fashion hack that men need to consider. For most athletic men, layers are all about bomber jackets and baggy coat. Keep the layers sleek and stylish, and you'll get an edge over others.

Do not oversize everything. Instead get it tailored properly. However, the reverse layering is even in style these days. For instance, you can wear a longline t-shirt under a shorter jacket. However, in the process make sure that choose the right fit. Break the bulk, but do not go for the skinny fits.

Simplicity is supreme excellence

Regardless of your lifestyle and profession, simplicity is the key to donning an elegant and sophisticated look. Bright and bedazzling shades are staples for the wardrobes of athletic personalities. However, you can ditch the conventions and still stay dapper as well as snazzy at the same time.

Make your style simple but significant. Try the subtle shades and replace the logo tees with stripe patterns. Instead of going for the over-the-top t-shirts and cargo pants, try apparels that highlight your masculinity. The sleeveless hoodies and Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts will add value to your chiseled physique.

Dress to flatter your body type, and half the job will be done.

Deck out with the right shade

This is one of the most important aspects of personal style. Choose the shade that suits your personality and complements your skin tone. Fashion is not about rules. It's about choosing what makes you feel comfortable. So, do not restrict yourself to the classic black and navy.

At the same time, do not get carried away by over-the-top trends in sportswear. Be selective in your choices and pair the shades appropriately.

Cut a dash with the accessories

Choosing the right ensemble is important. As mentioned above, simplicity is the key to a sophisticated wardrobe, and even your accessories should be sleek. Sports gear includes wristbands, gloves and fit-bits; however, you just can't have them on all the time.

So, get some stylish wristwatches, scarves and elegant bracelets. Beaded jewelry is a big no, regardless of where you are going. Make sure that the accessories are complementing your personality as well as the attire.